Permanent Collection
...Well, Not-So-Permanent

Check out some of the pieces in our permanent collection that need to be rehomed, to be valued like they should! Buying one  of these precious artworks will help fund the Art on Loan Project provided by WAHC. 

The Winfield Arts and Humanities Council prides itself on the large collection of Kansas art, as well as, a multitude of pieces from local Winfield residents.

While we value each piece and want to keep them all, our building isn't large enough to hold the vast amount of works we own, therefore, we decided to sell a few things, to up our quality of preservation, as well as, fund a continued growth, enabling new artists and artworks to join our collection. 

The excess we have decided to part with, are those not receiving attention from our patrons involved with the Art on Loan Project. Again, we don't love and appreciate them less than the others, we just believe that they will spark more inspiration and get more adoration outside of storage!