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Our Mission

Board of Directors

The Winfield Arts & Humanities Council's mission is to provide all people with programs, opportunities and knowledge to enrich their lives through the arts.


Whether you're passionate about visual arts, performing arts, pottery, creative writing, songwriting, photography, or various crafts, the Winfield Arts & Humanities Council holds the belief that fostering art education and encouraging artistic growth not only shapes individual identities but also enriches entire communities by fostering inspiration and inclusivity.

Who We Are

President Liz Frazier

Vice President Ashlee Mayo

Treasurer  Nina Williams

Secretary Dalton Ward


Board Members

Susan Andrews

Max Kidwell

Carrie Cameron

Brian Ferris

Stephanie Humphries

Bailey Pappan

Aaron Skapik

Gary Gonzales

Jim Perrigo

"Art is the soul of a community, breathing life into its streets, shaping its culture, and uniting its people in shared expression and understanding." - Unknown

These insightful words echo the essence of our mission. At the Winfield Arts & Humanities Council, we are dedicated to cultivating a vibrant arts environment for the City of Winfield and our neighbors in Cowley County. Our goal is to raise awareness of the essential role art plays in human life and foster appreciation and development across all creative disciplines – from literature and visual arts to music and performing arts.

Through a diverse array of programs and events, we strive to provide opportunities for all members of our community to expand their knowledge and skills, enriching their lives through the transformative power of art. Each year, we offer over 120 classes spanning culinary arts to stained glass, ensuring accessibility to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our youth programs serve over 1,000 young members of our community, while initiatives like the Mini Music Fest and Art in the Park bring our community together in celebration of creativity.

Events like our Evening for the Arts fundraiser and the Empty Bowls Fundraising Dinner not only offer enjoyable experiences but also contribute directly to supporting our youth art programs and fighting hunger in Cowley County. Additionally, we proudly sponsor contests and scholarship programs to further encourage artistic expression among local students.

None of this would be possible without the tireless efforts of our Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and the unwavering support of our community. If you share our passion for the arts and wish to get involved, we warmly welcome you to join us. Whether through participation on our boards, committees, individual projects, or membership, your contribution makes a meaningful difference in supporting the Winfield Arts Community. Contact us to learn more about membership and join us in our mission to enrich lives through the arts.

WAHC Staff

Cheri Kindt-Gonzales

Executive Director


Llyonesse Smith

Administrative Assistant

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