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As a nonprofit, we constantly rely on the generosity of our community and sponsors for growth in both, our internal efficiency, as well as our mission outreach. Preferably, the Arts & Humanities Council prefers that of monetary donations, to help with the many variables of our programs, events, and day-to-day functioning, material donations are always accepted and appreciated - inspiration could strike with the smallest trinket.

We recommend taking sometime to read through the multiple options available, so you can decide, based off the benefits, which suites your wants best.

Thank you for your support in helping the arts flourish in Winfield!

Textile Folds

Choose How You Donate


  • Annual fee starting as low as $25; category/donation amount chosen by you.

  • Discounted classes 

  • Recognition in our newsletters, handouts, and other marketing

  • Early access to events hosted by WAHC

  • Get access to membership perks January - December of the year obtained

**Account will go dormant unless renewed each year

Proceeds go towards the maintenance of our location and operating expenses.

Monetary Donations

PayPal Direct - For Individuals

  • Freely donate any increment whenever you want

  • Payment goes directly to the Winfield Arts & Humanities Council's account

  • All amounts will be met with a receipt for you to account for, during tax season.

All funds are used for classes, events and marketing, to help handle any variable that may occur.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Sponsorship - For Individuals or Businesses

  • Choose the specific project your donation is dedicated to

  • Your name/logo will be included on all posters, programs, advertising, and any other marketing pieces, for that project. 

Donor can choose to apply money towards Kansas Voices, Kansas Soundscapes, Mini Music Fest or Art in the Park.

Supply Donations

Did you recently go through your house and realize that you have a ton of crafting supplies that are collecting dust? Well, if you can't find a use for it, we will give it a purpose!

Bring in any supplies, minimal damage, if possible to our office and we will take them off your hands.

We accept anything that can be used for:

  • scrapbooking 

  • diorama/ trinket making 

  • painting 

  • sculpting 

  • jewelry 

  • stain glass

  • basically anything that might get someone's creative juices flowing!

If you wish to BUY new supplies, to directly support our Youth Summer Programs, the lists below are items that are, already, apart of our annual budget for our programs, but it always helps to be more prepared. All the supplies listed can be found at Walmart; even though these aren't the most precise or efficient tools, they are perfect for the price and our beginning artists!

Anything donated will be counted and given a monetary value; if items are new and purchased specifically for WAHC, providing a receipt alongside your donation, will enable us to give full credit for tax purposes. An itemized receipt will be provided upon request.

Buys Under $5.00

Supplies that Range from $5.00 to $20.00

Keep Us Stocked - Buys Over $20.00

***If you wish to purchase any of these items for the Winfield Arts & Humanities Council, just click on the Walmart link, and you can ship straight to us.



One to two weeks worth of Youth Summer Classes costs about $6 - $15. Donating the materials needed for the classes cuts down on preparation costs, as well as enabling those in low-income houses to nourish their artistic minds and express themselves through creative practices that wouldn't be available to them otherwise.

Thank you for your involvement  with the Winfield Arts & Humanities Council; we value your desire to make our programs accessible to all in our community.

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