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Congratulations to our 2022 Kansas Voices Winners

Kansas Voices 2022 Winners

        1st Place – Julie Sellers, Atchison   “Life Lines”
         Honorable Mention – Lacy Pierce, Overland Park   “What It’s Like to be                   NeuroDivergent the Autistic Way”
         Honorable Mention – Judy Goodpasture, Wichita  “The Choice to Forgive”
         Honorable Mention – Elizabeth Leiker, Hays   “Concussion”
         Honorable Mention – Julie Sellers, Atchison   “Socks”

         1st Place – William Clyde Brown, Salina  “Pain”
         Honorable Mention – Christine Potter-Kass, Hutchinson  “I Am From…”
         Honorable Mention – Julie Sellers, Atchison   “The Insomniac Poet’s Sestina”
         Honorable Mention – Martin Colborn, Newton  “Sonnet for My Dad”


OVERALL POETRY WINNER - Julie Sellers, "Lifelines"

Creative Non-Fiction
         1st Place – Carol Luttjohann, Topeka   “Journey of Joy with Dementia”
         Honorable Mention – Mary Powell, Longton   “Another Day in Paradise”
         Honorable Mention – Stephen McCann, Winfield   “Scars”

         1st Place – Tom Lichty, Dodge City   “The Case of the Strange Fruit”
         Honorable Mention – Charles Wray, Topeka  “Cold Case”
         Honorable Mention – Brett Wilkinson, Wamego  “A Tiny Smear of Blood”

    Science Fiction/Fantasy
         1st Place – Melissa Stanton, Hutchinson   “The Waterway”
         Honorable Mention – Lacy Pierce, Overland Park   “The Disconnected Pain Spirit”
         Honorable Mention – Martin Colborn, Newton   “Sammi”


     Short Story Fiction

         1st Place – Dan Wray, Overland Park  “Star Stealer”
         Honorable Mention – Melissa Stanton, Hutchinson   “Ugly Sweater Contest”
         Honorable Mention – Charles Wray, Topeka   “The Throwaway”

 Young Adult
         1st Place – Amanda Bruns, McPherson  “Maddy the Spy”
         Honorable Mention – Lynn Allen, Horton  “Asperger’s??? God Bless You”
         Honorable Mention – Julie Sellers, Atchison  “Tea with Tragic Results”

OVERALL PROSE WINNER - Dan Wray, "Star Stealer"

         1st Place – Alexis Bradshaw, Jetmore    “Summer Song
         Honorable Mention – Lydia Jensen, Wichita    “Winfield Bluegrass Festival”
         Honorable Mention – Arora Schmidt, Wichita   “A Little Too Cold”
         Honorable Mention – Ian Bench, Wichita   “The Dance”

      1st Place – Lydia Jensen, Wichita  “Ella and the Green-Eyed Monster”
      Honorable Mention – Arora Schmidt, Wichita  “Standard Issue”
      Honorable Mention – Alexis Bradshaw, Jetmore  “Reflections of Light”

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