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Summer Scholarships

Half Off Class Price

The Winfield Arts & Humanities Council believes that every child should have access to the same opportunities to explore and grow through the arts.

We understand that the cost of classes and programs can be a barrier for many, which is why we aim to provide families with the means to sign up their children up, regardless of their background.  

Through our commitment to financial assistance and community partnerships, we strive to make the arts accessible to all, and to inspire and empower the next generation of creative thinkers and artists.

Winfield Arts & Humanities Council

Applicable to 5 classes provided by WAHC:

2 Fine Arts

2 Creative Craft or Textile Class

1 Cooking

Full application must be completed for each participating child, including required documentation.


Marquee Performing Arts Center

Applicable to 1  summer class provided by the Marquee PAC.


Southwestern College

Applicable to 1  summer class provided by Southwestern College.

Planning to Pursue


Painting Equipments

WAHC Scholarships

Get assistance paying for college and achieve your dreams!

Let's Work Together!

Supporting the summer arts program at the Winfield Arts and Humanities
Council directly supports the children of Cowley County who would not
otherwise be able to attend summer classes.

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