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Summer Youth Programs

The Winfield Arts & Humanities Council's summer programs are a fantastic opportunity for children within our community to have a blast while gaining valuable skills and knowledge. By participating in these creative and enriching classes, students can expand their horizons, discover their passions, and develop important skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.


We are so glad you chose to spend your summer with us!

Our desire is for every child to have the opportunity to explore their interests and engage in creative classes and artistic activities that will enrich their daily lives, regardless of their individual passions.
Figure out how you can support the Winfield Arts & Humanities Council in supporting the artistic growth of children in Cowley County. 
Sign your children up for as many classes as possible using our Summer Youth Program Scholarships!
May 18th
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Class sizes are limited, add our early registration date to your calendar, so you can ensure your student's spot, in their first choices.

Youth Calendar
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