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The Empty Bowls Project
Art Feeds the Soul

Find all the bowls that didn't find their forever homes during the Soup Supper. All profits made from The Empty Bowls Project are donated to the Winfield Food Pantry, regardless of when or how you buy!

Every November, the Winfield Arts & Humanities Council puts on an event to support the local food pantry. We have several volunteers come in and create each one of these unique bowls by hand, each one with its own loving touch. With the amount of dedication these folks have for this project, we unfortunately wind up with a surplus of bowls every year.

Before, you would only have the night of the Soup Supper to get one of these bowls, causing many of them to get cycled through multiple years in a row, now, they will be available online. This will, not only, make it easier for our patrons and newcomers to partake in this community project, but allow the Winfield Arts & Humanities Council to keep contributing to the food pantry throughout the rest of the year!

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